There are 6 bedrooms and 5 full baths with showers.  Bring your own pillow and toiletries. Hair dryers are not provided.

All bedrooms are spacious and include:

                    The Americana Room - sleeps 4 with adjoining bath

                    The Fox Room - sleeps 3 with bathroom across hall

                    The Batik Room - sleeps 5 (4 twin beds & a day bed)

                        Adjoining bath has separate toilet shower room

                    The Hawaiian Room - sleeps 3 with shared bathroom across hall

                    The Bird Room - sleeps 3 with bathroom across hall

                    The Musical Room - sleeps 2 with handicap accessible 

                        ADA bathroom across the hall

The Apartment

The apartment area would be an ideal quiet space for instructors or can be used as a separate area for male guests. In addition, the living room could be set up for a massage therapist.  The apartment area includes: